About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to educate our children before the drug dealers get to them.

What is the Program?

The DMWU program is an effective, interactive, educational talk about DRUGS!

The program is presented in the classroom or school auditorium to Grade 5 students by a volunteer DMWU team consisting of three presenters each with an 8 to 10-minute story about Meth, Drug Abuse & Making Good Choices. At the beginning of the presentation each student is given a “Don't Meth With Us” t-shirt. At the end of the presentation each student is given an assortment of handouts that reinforces the message they have just heard.


Personal donations and corporate sponsors are needed on an ongoing basis in order to keep this program alive and active.  

The t-shirts and handouts cost approx. $8.50 per student. The program is all done by volunteers and no one is paid.  

For information on donating any amount to the program please click on the button below and send us a message on the form.

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